Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 16 - Weekly Artist Interview - DJ Laura C-Chord

DJ Laura C-Chord has a show at called The Scenic Route. rules because The Scenic Route rules, because DJ Laura C-Chord rules.
Rulers work by measuring the space between distances, giving you an accurate readout of exactly how far apart the 2 distances in question are. Rulers are completely accurate nearly every time, because nearly every ruler ever made is equal, all around the world. "Ruling", on the other hand, is completely subjective, and is put into play whenever and wherever the heck I feel like it. And since I say that DJ Laura C-Chord rules, then I guess it must be true.
All around the world.

Steige: If it were up to you, if Laura was Queen of the World for a day, what would DJ stand for?

Laura C-Chord: Hmm, I don't know if the acronym for DJ would be my biggest concern if I were Queen of the World, but if I had to choose, I would say...Fucking Awesome. So what if it doesn't start with D or J, I'm the Queen of the World. That's how I roll.

S: What about if the acronym was changed to L.A.U.R.A.?

L: Lively And Unbridled Ravenous Audiophile.

S: If God was a L.A.U.R.A. what type of music do you think he'd spin?

L: Without getting into an existence of God argument, I'll say that he or she wouldn't have to spin anything. They'd tune into The Scenic Route. Why mess with perfection? Hahaha...

S: I guess if you were Queen of the World you would essentially be God of all music... so it would only make sense to play your show! Then you could play whatever music you wanted!
Who's your favorite character from your favorite TV show, book, or movie, and why?

L: That’s a toughy, but I think that Tina Fey’s character from the TV show 30 Rock is my favourite, mostly because I think she’s really relatable, at least for me. She's awkward, loves food, has a good sense of humour, always has a ridiculous story to tell, and oh so much more. Really any character that exhibits extreme awkwardness has a place in my heart, as I too can be unbelievably awkward sometimes.

S: Haha! Yay for random awkwardness!
Cadbury Creme Eggs: Special Easter treat, or Money-Hungry Marketing Ploy?

L: Money Schmoney... What's my special Easter treat? A new Animal Nation album??

S: As long as your Easter falls on May 24th! ...That being said, we just got our new albums back from the printing place YESTERDAY, and there's definitely something being processed through the Canadian mail system for you as we speak.
Without checking Google, how did chocolate eggs get tangled up in the whole 'deathing and re-birthing of Jesus' thing?

L: According to my friend Ashley, who is like Google, but hotter: Eggs and rabbits are symbols of the Pagan goddess Oestera, who is the focus of the Spring Equinox celebration which happens around Easter. Also, I will take any excuse to eat chocolate.

S: Everyone always shies out of this question... How many cats does it take before someone becomes a crazy cat person?

L: I don’t necessarily think that a “crazy cat person” needs to have more than one cat to be considered crazy…it all lies in the obsession that some people have with their cats. Those who get portraits done of their cats, revolve their lives around them, and talk about them like they are newborn babies to anyone who will listen…that makes you a crazy cat person.

S: Someone once told me that everyone's a little bit crazy. What kind of crazy do you have hiding inside of you?

L: I don't think I really hide my craziness. I'm fairly high strung, and crazy enthusiastic about pretty much everything. I usually add sound effects to my daily life, various grunts and groans and dramatic sighs…is that crazy?

S: If that's crazy then I sure hope to heck I'm not normal! Anything else you want to talk aboot?

L: The fact that you used "aboot". I love it. I could do some shameless self promotion, but I already did that in question two.

S: Too modest to even shamelessly promote herself twice! Bless her heart!
Buuut since she didn't I'm gonna have to.
Make sure to check out both as well as Laura C-Chord's amazing show on said site, The Scenic Route today!
They have tons of downloadable podcasts full of amazing new music, and her friend/work-mate DJ Emily totally has a super sexy voice.
Fun fun fun!


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