Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2 - Weekly Artist Interview - Paige Harley

Paige Harley. -
Sounds like a motorcycle... that's powered by rockets... and it's got cameras on it, capturing everything, all the time... and there are robot-sharks that shoot lasers from their eyes attached to it... and there's probably a couple rainbows that follow it around wherever it goes too.
That sounds fun.
That sounds like so
mething I'd like to ride.

Steige: Is your name made up? It sounds made up.

Paige Harley: You bet it’s made up! Wouldn’t you be jealous though if it wasn’t? The person that made it up gave it to me on the condition that it sounded like a rock star name, and I had to live up to it… being a photard kinda stomped that dream.

Steige: I don't believe you....
Forget the rule of thirds, I want to know about the rule of fifths! (A fifth is one fifth of a quart of alcohol, or a two-six for the cheese heads out there, but calling it a two-six kinda ruins the joke... much like explaining the joke.) Back to the rule of fifths... what's your favorite drink, and how many of those would I have to buy you before you'd drop your guard and let me take advantage of you?

PH: I’m such a beer victim. After being in Ireland I’ve developed an unquenchable thirst for Guinness. I try not to drink too much of it thought cuz it’s like a turkey dinner in a can. Usually I just stick to vodka waters. Take advantage?? Flatterer.

S: What has been the best or worst or craziest shoot of your career so far? Why?

PH: I’m not sure if I would call it a career. A failing attempt to love your job maybe….. The craziest shoot of my life was with guitar extraordinaire Barry Jones. He needed an album cover so we went for a walk in downtown Vancouver with the idea of some interesting candids. We ended up scaling the outside of a 30 story apartment building that was under construction. We took nude shots of Barry and his guitar. His feet were dangling over the edge, and the traffic way down below made crazy light trails.
Getting a group of boys to take off all their clothes while leaving one in a banana costume is always fun too.

S: You shoot both film and digi. What do you tell the filmophiles that say digital is for chumps, and will never reach the quality of film? What do you tell the new school cats that tell you to get a digi, and step into the 90's?

PH: Oh man! Filmophiles is my new favorite word! You may have just killed photards. If I could afford to shoot nothing but film, I would. But digital allows me to screw up….lots. So to the wonderful filmophiles I say “take me with you!!!!!”. And to the new school digi whores I say “screw you and Canon sucks.”

S: Pff, whatever. My Canon could totally out-face-detect your Pentax any day....
"I love your stuff! I bought one of your photos at your last exhibit, and it totally completes the room I put it in! You should come by sometime and check it out!" Does that ever work? If so, I, uh, just bought one of your photos, and...

PH: That line is sooooo lame. Especially since I’ve never had an exhibit…yet (grad show coming up! ) That would make the person a liar! I would, however, be totally impressed if someone went to all the effort to steal one of my photos and print it off themselves. Waaaay more effort.

S: You know there's going to be houses full of your stolen-from-facebook photos now, right? If you were a Ninja Turtle, which one would you be, and why?

PH: Michelangelo is by far my favorite. I feel so close to him I’m just gonna call him Mikey. He looks great in orange plus he has the best sense of humor of the dole. Plus nunchuks????? Hands down, I’d be Mikey.

S: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and _______.

PH: Pentax!

S: You're cute.

PH: I can’t believe how unprofessional you are!!!!!!! I am a human being! Not an object to be gawked at!

S: Right.... Anything else you want to say?

PH: You're cute.

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