Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9 - Weekly Artist Interview - Linus Stubbs

Linus has always been like a father to me. Not like a real father, and even less like a metaphorical father, but more so like a father in the sense that I didn't really have anything to write for the intro to our Linus Stubbs interview, and this was the first thing that came to mind.
And that, to me, almost means more....

In reality-actuality (fun word combo alert!!!) Linus Stubbs is one of six producers that worked with us on our new album, "Understanding More About Nothing Than Anybody Ever Thought Impossible or: How I Learned To Stop The Worrying and Love the Music". (Releasing MAY 24th!)
Linus made the amazing musical accompaniment for 2 of my favorite tracks, Party Animals (the story of Mike and I being too stoned to realize the Zoo was closing, only to discover that the animals living inside all turn into wild Party Animals at night after everyone goes home), as well as Street Shadows (the story of addiction, and my friend Jimmy).

Make sure to check out those songs by going to the Animal Nation myspace page.
Also, make sure to check out more songs by Linus by going to the Linus Stubbs myspace page.

Steige: "Linus" immediately makes me think of Snoopy and the gang.... Do you like Peanuts? What's your favorite kind of nut?

Linus Stubbs: Yes... but not from bars! 'Cause people piss in 'em!
Not me personally, but a friend of mine did...
Don't do drugs kids!

S: Speaking of Peanuts, we all know you never go anywhere without your security blanket.
Is there anything else you never leave home without?

Li: Well, usually it's just cigarettes and jimmy straps... and depending on where I'm goin', Beer!

S: Snoopy's always trying to steal your blanket. You guys have actually gotten into a few scuffles over it. Do you not like beagles, or just Snoopy in particular? What about if Snoopy had a little Philly in him... do you like beagles with cream cheese?

Li: Ahh man! Me and Snoop' been workin' things out... We cool we cool!

S: Do you ever get Schroeder to help you with your beats? He's quite the composer!

Li: Schroeder bit all his shit from me!! Biter!!!

S: If back flips were hot dogs, how many back flips would you say you go through on an average day? What about if back flips were cheap hookers, and AIDS was never invented?

Li: If hot dogs were cheeseburgers, I usually go through five back flips a day. And if hookers were cheeseburgers, I can only handle 2 at a time.

S: Are you more of a Party Animal, or a.. uh.. Street Shadow..?

Li: I gotta definitely say I'm a Party Animal! BEER!
But, I get the pleasure of walking through Street Shadows everyday out my front door.... Sometimes to get to where the Party Animals are!!!

S: Anything else you'd like to mention?

Li: Yeah, thanks to all the people that support my music!
Big up to my main man Task Rok. The Task and Linus album drops soon! So stay tuned for that. I gotta thank Steige and Slim!!! Definitely more tracks in the future!!!
And Thanks to everyone that cares about anything I gotta say! and that means YOU!

S: Heyyy! Thank you!
This was fun. I'm gonna have to research my Peanuts and my Schultz's and get back to you with even more ridiculous Snoopy related questions!
Maybe the next track we do together will be all about the adventures of Snoopy and Linus, with me playing Snoopy!


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