Saturday, February 14, 2009

Golden Brown (The Lasagna Song) / Sky Fish (Sky Fish, He's Such a Fly Fish!)

Golden Brown (The Lasagna Song)

Mike and I had always planned to make a music video for the 'Lasagna Song', the story of an epic battle between a gourmet sous-chef and a ready-made meat lasagna, but never managed to scrape together enough spare cash. With the upcoming release of our new album, "Understanding More About Nothing Than Anybody Ever Thought Impossible or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Music", we figured we'd better put something together before our last album, "TimeZone", became 'dated'... (What's it matter if it's new? It's all old eventually....)
So, to cut my rambling short, here is the Golden Brown video that we put together with 8 hours of spare time, a bunch of help from a bunch of friends, and $0.

Make sure to download our last album, "The TimeZone [EP]" here for free, before our manager loses it and tells us that the reason we can't afford to make good music videos is because we keep giving our music away for free. :D

Sky Fish

We've been slowly leaking our upcoming album "Understanding More About Nothing Than Anybody Ever Thought Impossible" through myspace a few tracks at a time in an effort to bring attention to 'National Banana Safety Awareness Half-Day', as well as the fact that our new album is dropping fairly soon. The latest play list addition is my personal favorite from our new album "Sky Fish".
The story behind this track flies somewhat as follows:
I knew that I wanted an old-school sounding track for our new album, so when Mike came back from a camping trip talking about a 'Sky Fish' I was so intrigued and inspired that I spent the next 2 weeks putting together the music and samples for what quickly became my favorite piece of music I've ever made. Mike wrote a wonderful little ditty about his 'Sky Fish Experience' after Ali Milner and I recorded the intro, and the whole thing came out ridiculous and awesome.
I've been listening to De La Soul's "3 Feet High and Rising" on repeat for the last 6 months, so that definitely made its way onto the track.
I like to think that this is our De La track.
That sounds fun.

Check it out on our myspace page now!


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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb. 12 - Weekly Artist Interview - Uncle Traveling Matt

By his own account Uncle Traveling Mat is determined to make hip-hop fun again. 'Fun!' I thought after hearing this. Then I listened to his self produced De-La-Quest like debut album "Postcards From the Edge" and again thought 'fun!' We decided that we needed to get on a track together, and I decided that I needed to ask Matt a couple questions. Shortly after conducting the following interview I got back in touch with him to ask him if he was sure he wanted to insult both Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac in the same article. I suggested that he might offend some of their fans. He replied by saying that he was glad, and that he hoped fans of Biggie and/or Tupac would throw his CD away... that being said I promptly threw the CD he'd mailed me in the garbage.
Luckily I'd already ripped it into iTunes.

Steige: Do you eat turkey when it's not Thanksgiving? Do you put gravy on your vegitables? Describe to us an average thanksgiving dinner for yourself.

Uncle Traveling Matt: Of course. Always. I get drunk and try to cut the turkey with a plastic lightsaber and nobody laughs except for me.

S: What do you do with your anger?

UTM: I turn green and smash things.

S: You sound like a cartoon character.

UTM: That might be true, only if that cartoon character is Parappa the Rapper.

S: I heard rumours that Uncle Traveling Matt packs mad ladies at his shows... why do you think you attract such an angry crowd?

UTM: I’m learning Portuguese. Tenho um penise grande.

S: What is your favorite smell?

UTM: Elmer’s glue.

S: Fill in the blanks. Uncle Traveling Mat is to ______________, as a _____________ is to Cherynoble.

UTM: Hip-hop, flipper baby.

S: A B.I.G. Mac, or a 6 Pac?

UTM: Since you spelled Big Mac, B.I.G. Mac, I can only assume you’re talking about Notorious B.I.G. and he sucks so I’ll go with 6 Pac, unless you’re talking about 2 Pac who also sucks, but they’re both dead which proves the existence of God, even though I’m an atheist and don’t believe in God. Wow, deep question.

S: If you could be any character out of any movie ever, except a super hero or a talking dog, pig, or horse, whom would you be, and why?

UTM: Damn it, no talking dogs? Um, Odie from Garfield. He doesn’t actually talk so I’ve got you on a technicality.

S: I'm stoked about the fact that we're doing a track together. Do you think the word 'stoked' is uncool? How about 'uncool'? Do you ever find it a little trife? How about 'trife'? I find it often comes across rather cheeseburger.

UTM: Cheeseburger? Is this just another way to get me to talk about Notorious B.I.G.? You guys are really sick.

S: Anything else you'd care to mention?

UTM: Buy my album or I’ll kick you in your balls, hard.

S: You heard the man. Buy his album or he's going to kick you in the balls, hard. And even though he didn't say it himself I think it's safe to say that if you're a girl he's going to kick you straight in the uteri.
(That's funny 'cause I'm not Chris Brown, and I know the difference between a joke and reality!) (Uncle Travelin' Matt)

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Slug is on some next level s--t.

Well, ok. Let me break it down. Art to me is just another form of communication. One that not everybody has learned. If you think about it.. I don't know how to speak French, right? But I know how to draw and so it's another language. Whether it be music or film.. It's another form of communication. Communication is all about being able to work and deal with like minded individuals. But then what's the point of that? So you can build things right? But what's the point of that? So you can have a family. It's healing. It's eat, sleep, fuck. It's the survival. It's what we're here for. So, art doesn't enable some of us to sleep well at night, yes this is true. And art doesn't enable some of us to eat, yes this is true. But it enables everybody to fuck cause if you put that painting out there and if one person likes it so much that you make friends with them.. who knows. By this time next week you might get their roommate pregnant. It's just another way of bringing people together and personally bringing people together is all about procreation as far as I'm concerned.
-Slug of Atmosphere.