Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb. 12 - Weekly Artist Interview - Uncle Traveling Matt

By his own account Uncle Traveling Mat is determined to make hip-hop fun again. 'Fun!' I thought after hearing this. Then I listened to his self produced De-La-Quest like debut album "Postcards From the Edge" and again thought 'fun!' We decided that we needed to get on a track together, and I decided that I needed to ask Matt a couple questions. Shortly after conducting the following interview I got back in touch with him to ask him if he was sure he wanted to insult both Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac in the same article. I suggested that he might offend some of their fans. He replied by saying that he was glad, and that he hoped fans of Biggie and/or Tupac would throw his CD away... that being said I promptly threw the CD he'd mailed me in the garbage.
Luckily I'd already ripped it into iTunes.

Steige: Do you eat turkey when it's not Thanksgiving? Do you put gravy on your vegitables? Describe to us an average thanksgiving dinner for yourself.

Uncle Traveling Matt: Of course. Always. I get drunk and try to cut the turkey with a plastic lightsaber and nobody laughs except for me.

S: What do you do with your anger?

UTM: I turn green and smash things.

S: You sound like a cartoon character.

UTM: That might be true, only if that cartoon character is Parappa the Rapper.

S: I heard rumours that Uncle Traveling Matt packs mad ladies at his shows... why do you think you attract such an angry crowd?

UTM: I’m learning Portuguese. Tenho um penise grande.

S: What is your favorite smell?

UTM: Elmer’s glue.

S: Fill in the blanks. Uncle Traveling Mat is to ______________, as a _____________ is to Cherynoble.

UTM: Hip-hop, flipper baby.

S: A B.I.G. Mac, or a 6 Pac?

UTM: Since you spelled Big Mac, B.I.G. Mac, I can only assume you’re talking about Notorious B.I.G. and he sucks so I’ll go with 6 Pac, unless you’re talking about 2 Pac who also sucks, but they’re both dead which proves the existence of God, even though I’m an atheist and don’t believe in God. Wow, deep question.

S: If you could be any character out of any movie ever, except a super hero or a talking dog, pig, or horse, whom would you be, and why?

UTM: Damn it, no talking dogs? Um, Odie from Garfield. He doesn’t actually talk so I’ve got you on a technicality.

S: I'm stoked about the fact that we're doing a track together. Do you think the word 'stoked' is uncool? How about 'uncool'? Do you ever find it a little trife? How about 'trife'? I find it often comes across rather cheeseburger.

UTM: Cheeseburger? Is this just another way to get me to talk about Notorious B.I.G.? You guys are really sick.

S: Anything else you'd care to mention?

UTM: Buy my album or I’ll kick you in your balls, hard.

S: You heard the man. Buy his album or he's going to kick you in the balls, hard. And even though he didn't say it himself I think it's safe to say that if you're a girl he's going to kick you straight in the uteri.
(That's funny 'cause I'm not Chris Brown, and I know the difference between a joke and reality!) (Uncle Travelin' Matt)

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