Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Music Video - Somebody I Used To Know

Hello friends.

This is the first music video for our recently released album "Tall Man 2: Every Day In The Life".

I spent the better part of my summer creating this video.
I shot, directed, starred in, and edited it all myself. It took 7 months, which included 3 months of pre-prep that I spent gaining 30 LBS, to get up to my initial goal weight of 200 LBS.

Watch it here.

After reaching 200 LBS I shot once a week over a 4 month period, losing roughly 5 LBS each week, until I reached my final goal weight of 140 LBS.
I wanted to see if I could make each scene transition into the next without any notice of physical change, but to have a huge change in appearance from the start of the video to the end.

This video was absolute hell to make. Gaining the weight was almost the worst part. Sitting at my dinner table having just eaten a foot-long Sub, getting ready to start in on my steak dinner, knowing that I had another full meal to eat afterwards. Face ghost-white and sweating, shoving never-ending amounts of food down my throat, and not enjoying a single bite of it.

That was ALMOST the worst part.

If you haven't already - make sure to download this song, and the album it's a part of for FREE at

Thank you,
-Garnet "Tall Man" Clare

Friday, September 9, 2011

Stream and Download the new Animal Nation record on your smartphone or comp for FREE now at !

I've Never worked harder on anything in my entire life. This album took me 2 and a half years to create from front to back - from producing the tracks, finding the samples, playing and recording the guitars, banjos, pianos, harmonicas, keyboards, and everything else, to writing and recording the lyrics, to mixing everything, and everything in between. The album took me from my hometown of Whistler, BC where I created the music for this project, across this hugely vast country to Halifax, where I spent 6 months living with Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Compton Street. Riley and Meaghan Smith were/are amazing friends, and I had such an amazing time living with them, getting to know them and all their close friends really well. They were the best hosts I could have asked for. Halifax was where I wrote all the lyrics for the album. Almost entirely at the west end of South Street on a small hidden beach, basing the story for the album on my life back in Whistler. It's amazing there. I'll always have a seat in my heart saved for Halifax. I then drove out to a small town in Ontario called Woodville where I shacked up in a little restored barn to record all the lyrics I'd just finished writing. I've never worked harder on anything, or been more passionate about anything in my entire life. Check this album out.

The album is FREE, and not because it's an EP, or because it's a mix-tape, but because it's SO FUCKING GOOD, and I just want you to hear it.

Please listen to and download Animal Nation's "Every Day In The Life" for free at

-Tall Man
Animal Nation

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Album - Every Day In The Life - coming this fall on UrbNet.

Hello friends!

We're going to be releasing a new album in the fall. It's going to be one of two solo albums by Animal Nation.

It is going to be so freaking AWESOME.

I did all the production on it, and I learned a bunch of instruments making it, and recorded all the vocals in this creepy old barn in a run down town called Woodville in Ontario, and I moved to Halifax to write all the lyrics, and I wrote nearly every day at a hidden little beach at the end of South Street, and it's a concept album! A real concept album! Not a concept album in the sense that Sgt. Peppers is a concept album, but more so in the vein of Prince Paul's "A Prince Among Theives". An album that tells a story from start to finish, and nearly every song connects to the next song, and I spent way too long in my house being really antisocial making it, and I had this really cool girlfriend at the time who I left for some reason because I couldn't do anything but think about making this album and now I kind of regret it a little maybe, but it's cool, because it is so freaking AWESOME.

Change it to 720p for better sound quality.

I'm in the middle of making a music video for my favorite song on the album right now. It should be done around September. I'm filming it myself. I have no idea what I'm doing.
Until then, above is the other half of Animal Nation - Mike's favorite song on the new record. The track is called "Brush Your Teeth (Ch-ch-ch-ch)", and pays a serious homage to the man that steals kids hearts (not literally), Raffi.

Make sure to check out the CBC radio3 Animal Nation site to hear new music by us as well. We might just happen to have an EP coming out together in the fall that I'm not really supposed to mention...

-Tall Man!!!

Nas - I Know I Can remix on MPC1000 and SP-303

Here's a quick Nas - I Know I Can remix I did a couple weeks ago with my MPC1000 and SP-303.


Every Day In The Life. Coming soon.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mad Child of Swollen Members interviewed by Mike of Animal Nation

We opened a show for Swollen Members a couple weeks ago, and had a chance to interview Mad Child afterwards. Mike asks Mad Child why he's so mad, and how to make it in America, and tells them that they're not big dicks, so what's with the name 'Swollen Members'?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

C.R. Avery interviewed by Tall Man of Animal Nation

We interviewed C.R. Avery the other week before a show we did together in Whistler.
C.R. talks about TOFU, Mighty Mike, how he would eat neapolitan without a spoon, and about how the sky isn't always blue.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweatshop Union interview by Tall Man

Here's an interview we did with Colin and Mo of Sweatshop Union at Moe Joe's after sound check for our show we did together a couple weeks ago.
We asked them about their new album, The Bill Murray EP, what their favourite Murray movie is, and what their favourite food is.
Check it out.

-Tall Man

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slakah the Beatchild interview by Animal Nation

Here's a quick interview we did with Slakah the Beatchild of Art of Fresh, at the Live Vision offices in Vancouver.

Enjoy Yourself!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Animal Nation + CBC Radio 3 = (heart based emoticon)

Animal Nation spent the day, the other day, in Vancouver, within Canada, at the CBC Radio headquarters with Radio 3 host Lisa Christiansen talking about how awesomely cute she thinks we both are. (It's a mutual feeling.)

Check out Animal Nation's BIG DAY OUT with CBC Radio 3 host Lisa Christiansen!
What joy!
What fun!