Friday, September 9, 2011

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I've Never worked harder on anything in my entire life. This album took me 2 and a half years to create from front to back - from producing the tracks, finding the samples, playing and recording the guitars, banjos, pianos, harmonicas, keyboards, and everything else, to writing and recording the lyrics, to mixing everything, and everything in between. The album took me from my hometown of Whistler, BC where I created the music for this project, across this hugely vast country to Halifax, where I spent 6 months living with Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Compton Street. Riley and Meaghan Smith were/are amazing friends, and I had such an amazing time living with them, getting to know them and all their close friends really well. They were the best hosts I could have asked for. Halifax was where I wrote all the lyrics for the album. Almost entirely at the west end of South Street on a small hidden beach, basing the story for the album on my life back in Whistler. It's amazing there. I'll always have a seat in my heart saved for Halifax. I then drove out to a small town in Ontario called Woodville where I shacked up in a little restored barn to record all the lyrics I'd just finished writing. I've never worked harder on anything, or been more passionate about anything in my entire life. Check this album out.

The album is FREE, and not because it's an EP, or because it's a mix-tape, but because it's SO FUCKING GOOD, and I just want you to hear it.

Please listen to and download Animal Nation's "Every Day In The Life" for free at

-Tall Man
Animal Nation

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