Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Albums of Influence - Eyedea's "The Many Faces of Oliver Hart"

'The Many Faces of Oliver Hart' is a side project from the vocal half of Minneapolis-based hip-hop duo 'Eyedea & Abilities'.

For the majority of the Eyedea & Abilities tracks Eyedea works the vocals, while producer/DJ Abilities takes care of the musical side of things. This time around Eyedea chose to write both the lyrics as well as the music, and it came out wonderfully.

You can hear the lack of perfection, and the 'first time around' aspect of the production. That being said, this isn't a half-assed attempt at making beautiful music. This is the real deal. This sounds like a twenty-something year old Eyedea spent hours and weeks and months living in a dingy basement pouring over exactly how to fit all these amazing samples (samples?) together. However it came together, it works.

I love that Eyedea did everything on this album, from the drum programming, to the guitars, to the old school samples, to the really really quite good lyrics.

Make sure to download this album for free now! (Needs WinRAR to unzip). Then go out and buy Eyedea and Abilities' "E&A"... it's really good as well.

Other great Eyedea albums include "By The Throat", "E & A", and "First Born".