Friday, November 13, 2009

Moka Only quits hip-hop?

Yesterday I heard Moka Only, 90's-00's underground hip-hop pioneer and sensation, was stepping down from the hip-hop... 'thing'... to focus on other projects.

I sent him a message wishing him well, and asking him if this was true, and this was his reply.

Animal Nation:

I heard you're quitting the hop... Congratulations! (I think..?)
I just wanted to say thank you for being a huge inspiration! You made Swollen huge and famous, and you made those records so much more fun to listen to..
And thanks for letting us open that Whistler show for you 2 years ago at Crankworx!
That was a huge honor..
Hope you're off to bigger and better things!
Keep er easy,

Moka replied:

" Thanks brother.. but don't beleeev it.. i will NEVER matter how crappy the industry gets.. i made a post sayin i quit hiphop but didnt mean quitting the music.. i meant im just not gonna be going throo the normal nettworks anymore.. hip hop promoters and all that.. all this rap shit.. man, its always a bunch of people rippin ya off and all that.. im fallin back in with my jazz doods and it works cus thats the kinda music i been doing all along.. dirty underground jazz hip hop.. but no, i wont stop.. you just gonna see me pop up in more unusual places. "

Even though I haven't popped in "Lime Green" or "Codename: Scorpion" for a while, it's still kind of sad to hear that one of my major influences in the past is stepping down.

Here's hoping that Moka has nothing but great things coming his way.
Thanks Moke.

-Animal Nation