Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mar. 26 - Weekly Artist Interview - Weez 1

Weez1 ft. Animal Nation - SADD
from upcoming album: "Separation Anxiety"

Weez 1 isn't 50 Cent. Which makes perfect sense, because 50 Cent is 50 Cent, and as far as I know, it's impossible for two people to be one person. That being said, I don't really know all that much, in relation to the amount of stuff that can be known, so who knows... maybe Weez 1 is 50 Cent. Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that yes, Weez 1 is unquestionably and absolutely 50 Cent. Weez 1 is the white-kid-gutter-punk-split-ya-vocals-through-5-guitar-amps-and-your-grandma's-hearing-aid version of 50 Cent. Weez 1 is the I-write-better-lyrics-than-you-in-my-sleep version of 50 Cent. Weez 1 is the ya-best-hold-off-on-all-that-Kool-Aid-if-ya-wanna-have-any-brain-cells-left-over-to-raise-yo'-baby version of 50 Cent.
...Wait, what?

Steige: If the sky wasn't blue, what color would it be, and why?

Weez1: Argyle... I used to wear argyle socks with my shorts when i was just a lil' whippersnapper... I thought I was hip... That's what I get for thinking... So the sky would be a constant reminder of how un-hip i really was then... Now I wear tie dye socks... I'm so hip. Right on.

S: What do you do with your anger?

W: ...I plant it in my backyard until it grows into a sarcasm tree... and use the the leaves as garnish for my knuckle sandwiches....

S: Amazing. Do you have any cats? How many cats does someone have to have before they're considered "a crazy cat person"?

W: ...One cat, all black, his name is Lil' Nig... somebody is gonna take that the wrong way... I guess its a good thing that I don't care... He always hangs out with me in the "studio"... He is such a critic!!..."Talk louder Weez, enunciate your words Weez, why do you have a saved by the bell poster on you wall Weez??" ...Part 2: No comment, don't judge me!!!

S: If SADD was an acronym, what would it stand for, and why? Ps. Make it as happy as possible for extra points!

W: HAPPY!!? ...come on now, you have heard my music before right? ...Ummm, lets see... I'll have to make something up real quick... S.loppy A.nal... no that's no good... S.pank A. D.irty D.ame... nahhhhh, 'SADD' is the name of a track on my upcoming new album... S.urviving A. D.ark D.epression... S.imple A.s D.eath D.ude.... On a side note, my friend Eddie told me he thinks 'dude' is a racial slur towards honkeys.... Cheese and crackers!!!!! Whooooooooo!!!!

S: How did you get the name Weez? Do you smoke too much? If it's a boring story, make up something fun... about being on fire.

W: My first name is not Wayne... Ok, let me make a short story longer.... I moved to town... didn't have many friends... I was a lil' skater 'dude' with cut up shorts and argyle socks (super cool)... Maybe 13 or 14... Anyways, I would go skating at the local waxed curb... I didn't talk to nobody tho... all I did was roll around and whistle... so after a while I became known as the Whistler... which over time changed to the Weezler... which was shortened to Weez! ...Altho I do smoke to much. Ohhh the irony!!

S: Wait, wait, wait... if you "didn't talk to nobody", does that mean that you talked to everybody? Which CD would people be most surprised to learn that you own?

W: TV Land Presents Favorite TV Theme Songs Soundtrack CD.... What? Is that weird?...Don't act like you don't have it! ...You guys are lying to yourselves!!!!!

S: When the creators of the Simpsons created Itchy and Scratchy, do you think that they said "Let's just make them Tom and Jerry, times a thousand, with bombs." Or do you think they said "Let's make a cat and mouse version of The Road Runner and Coyote, but let's use more bombs..."?

W: The Itchy and Scratchy concept is actually a social commentary on the symbiotic relationship of Deep-Sea Pompeii worms and thermophilic bacteria ...Come on 'dude' everybody knows that!!!

S: Whoa. Goin' deep! Like some Deep-Sea Pompeii worms! Or a halibut!
Anyway... vocal effects. Yours. Love 'em. Analog or digital?

W: First of all, let me say thanks!! You really know how to butter my biscuit.... I like to run my vox through different guitar amps I have laying around, and other instrument effects... just to experiment with the different sounds.... Sometimes you've just got to Weez It Out(patent pending).... A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll....

S: Tell me the greatest thing ever. Ever.

W: ...The little alien looking thing in my girl's belly.... Is the world ready for weez jr.??

S: Wow! Wow... that's amazing! Congratulations! Did you just give us a little animalnationdoesntknowanything exclusive?
So, besides the whole "growing up, maturing, and having a baby" thing, whats next for Weez1?

W: ...Oh wow, thought you would never ask.... My new album coming soon, entirely produced by Nic & Jaq of Germany..... "Separation Anxiety" is the moniker..... Guest artists include, but are not limited to, Iz-Real, The Red Fox, Gmills, Burt Bacharach, Tweezy, Li'l Nig, and some crazy fools from Canada! I think they're called the Animal Nation... you know who i'm talking aboot??
...Also working on a project produced by Dj Dredi with Iz-Real... under the name WeezReal....
If you don't have my 'Tax the Stereo' album yet you're stupid!! ...or maybe I'm stupid... either way somebody is stupid....

S: You heard it here first folks! Weez1 and his lady-friend are the reason for over-population!
But seriously, buy his album! Help him put food in front of his girl! She's eating for two now!
...On a side note - What I find funny is that a girl can mis-carry if she doesn't treat her body right... if she's on 'the drug', or not eating properly, if she can't afford food... but the irony of the situation, the part that makes me giggle like a little school-girl, lies in the fact that as soon as she mis-carries she's got all sorts of food to eat!

...What do you mean, "That's not funny"...?

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