Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb. 5 - Weekly Artist Interview - Ali Milner

Photo creds: PAIGE HARLEY (What an awesome name!!)

If you've heard the clip and you've seen the photo then you don't need to be told that Ali Milner travels with some serious sex appeal. That being said I did my best to keep this interview as PG-13 as I could, to try to show people that the talents of this uber-beauty don't end at her ability to make herself really really good looking.... I mean, questions about girls kissing girls are still considered PG-13 these days, right?

Click over to ALI MILNER's myspace page to listen while you read, or click over to the ANIMAL NATION myspace page to check out the song Ali recorded with us, 'Wooden Roller Coaster', which will be featured on our upcoming album "Understanding More About Nothing Than Anybody Ever Thought Impossible or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Music".

S: Ali, if the sky wasn't blue, what color would it be, and why?

AM: I thiiiink if the sky wasn't blue I'd like it to be pink and orange and yellow, so we could have an everlasting sunset. Wouldn't that be nice? Might get kind of old after a while, but the first week would be so lovely...

S: Do you spell "color" with a 'u'? I think we're supposed to as Canadians, but I always get lazy with it.

AM: I totally spell "colour" with a "u". Big time! I was always ra-ra with all the Canadian spelling because my first and second grade teacher, Ms. Christopher, taught it to us that way. Although, I totally don't when I'm texting because it won't let me and tells me I'm wrong.

S: Yeah! My cell phone is anti-Canada as well! I remember having Ms. Christopher for 2nd grade math! She taught me that it was impossible to subtract a larger number from a smaller number. I guess she was just a very positive person.... What was the weirdest recording experience you've ever had?

AM: Hmmm, weirdest recording experience? Well... I don't know if it's weird, but it was pretty miraculous. Recording my Christmas song was crazy, because we had one day in the studio and we had 7 live instruments to lay down, along with vocals.... Pretty much, we made the impossible possible, and got it all done in a day, and it's probably the best thing I've ever been a part of I'd say, the most proud I've ever been!

S: How do you find the industry treats you as a 'ginger kid'? I find that I get a lot of flack, but that could be easily blamed on my lack of talent.

AM: The industry doesn't seem to mind my (fake) "gingerness", it's sort of a defining feature about myself it seems, something that sticks out in people's minds. I do seem to get a lot of flack from my friends though! I often get youtube links about gingers, and newspaper articles relating to "kick a ginger day"... What's up with that? And your flack must be because of your wonderful hair colour (Canadian spelling) because you got miles of talent, no lies.

S: Aw you make me blush. I think we should start 'redhead redemption day', or maybe just a 'everyone smile at everyone' day. I think that would be nice! If I were to give you a small tub, say 1.5 L, of Neapolitan iced-cream how would you go about eating it? Would you mix the flavours? Go for a particular flavour first? ...And you have no spoon.

AM: So 1.5 L tub of Neapolitan... I definitely have a routine when it comes to Neapolitan ice cream, but your "no spoon" clause really gums up the works here. If I had a spoon, I would start with a couple bites of chocolate and then just go about mixing it all together to make a milkshake-like consistency. That's what I do. But with no spoon? I wouuuuld.... well, this isn't very dignified, but I guess I'd do the same with my hands. Definitely.

S: Hahaha, that's amazing. We definitely need to hang out more. How many times per day do you get told that your name sounds similar to 'Val Kilmer'? Why do you think your parents plotted such conniving trickery against you?

AM: Well, I gotta tell ya, no one has ever mentioned my name sounds like "Val Kilmer". I mean, I guess I see it... but is that really conniving trickery from my folks? He's a well-respected, serious actor right? Right? Batman Forever killed it... right?

S: Haha, ya know, the 12 year old version of me thought that movie was awesome! Then throughout the years I heard how it was actually really horrible, and how it ruined the Batman movies all together! I'd hate to watch it again now and find out that the 12 year old movie buff in me wasn't very buff. Speaking of bats... if you could fly with the assistance of something, what would that something be? (ie - a hover board, that weird dragon dog thing from The Never Ending Story, etc..)

AM: Crap, if I could fly with the assistance of anything it would be my invisible wings that no could see... but that sort of seems like I'm flying without assistance. So, basically, between the hover board, flying dog-dragon from The Never Ending Story, fairy dust, or Kirby's star thingy, I would take any of the above. I reeeeeeeeeally wish I could fly. That's one of my life-long dreams, and lemme tell you, it'll happen one of these days, it'll happen. (And airplanes totally don't count...) Also now that I think of it, Harry Potter's Firebolt's always been really appealing to me....

S: In the likely event that you one day commit mass murder and get sentenced to the electric chair, what would you choose as your last meal?

AM: For my last meal before my electric chair after committing mass murder, I would like tuna and salmon sashimi and a dynamite roll... love that. I would love fries from Splitz Grill, and curry from Connie's Cookhouse in Van. For dessert (the most important part) I would really really really want Mint Chip Hard Yogurt from JP Licks. I would die for Mint Chip Hard Yogurt from JP Licks.

S: I'm told that your dad acts as your manager, which totally freakin' rules. Does it suck, however, that you can't tell your manager "You can't tell me what to do! You're not my dad!!" and storm out of a room?
AM: Yeah, my pa is a dadager... which works out pretty great. In the event that we do get in an argument, I pretty much say "You can't tell me what to do!!" I just leave out the "you're not my dad!!" part.

S: Katy Perry: Smash or Trash? Have you ever kissed a girl and liked it?

AM: Katy Perry = Smash!! At first I was like "blech, who is this girl? what a weirdo"... But I don't know, she's really won me over. Seems like a strong lady who's doing her thing and honestly doesn't really care much what folks think of her. And no, alas, I have not kissed a girl, and cannot say whether I'd like it or not. I'm open to a lot of things, so who knows? Just hasn't happened for me yet. One daaaay!

S: That being said, you're totally not my dad, and I'm friggin' outta here.

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