Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Albums of Influence - Feist's "The Reminder"

With such lush, dense, yet incredible simple production, it's impossible hear this album and not think it's an instant classic.

Leslie Feist was quoted as saying that on her 2nd album "Let It Die" her and her producer tried to use different instruments on each song, "just because."

On "The Reminder" Feist takes a similar approach, but this time doesn't let her music wander off mid-song as occasionally happened on "Let It Die". The result is that "The Reminder" comes off a much tighter, more 'album-like' album, rather than a collection of individual songs.

Even if you're not a fan of Leslie Feist's dressed up down-tempo folk music, you'd be hard pressed to deny the greatness in the production alone. That and her voice. By golly, can that girl ever sing.

Download the entire album for free here, then go out and buy Let It Die to show your support.

Other great Feist albums include: Let It Die, as well as any of the work she's done with the Broken Social Scene guys, as well as probably a billion other songs she's lent her talents to.