Saturday, August 7, 2010

Very exciting summer update pt. 1

Oh my! It's a super exciting Animal Nation "I wonder what the heck those guys are up to" update!!

Mike recently moved down the street to Vancouver and has been DJing the city red, MCing random parties and clubs, and writing all sorts of new material.

I've been living in Halifax for the last 3 months, looking for the Wizard, meeting all sorts of amazing people, having tons of awesome adventures and huge jam sessions, and working on new music for a concept album tentatively titled "Every Day In The Life".
At the end of the month I'll be driving out to Ontario to set up a studio in a refinished barn to start recording vocals for said album.

Near the end of September Mike and I will be meeting up in Montreal to record more vocals, and prepare for our upcoming tour.

Tour you say?!? Tour indeed!!

Starting October 1st Animal Nation will be touring from Montreal back out West to Whistler over the course of the month.
We'll post dates soon! But if you're living in or near or around any sort of Canadian city get stoked now, because we're gonna be partying and drinking and musicing our faces off all over your town real soon.

Hey America!! Don't feel left out! We're planning on heading down your lovely little West coast soon too!
We've also got a couple other super secret updates that we'll be revealing in the next little bit. Stay tuned! We've got fun things a'comin'!

-Tall Man!
Animal Nation