Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jan. 22 - Weekly Artist Interview - Taka Sudo

Taka Sudo is the artist that we're going to hold personally responsible if our new album doesn't sell more than three-billion copies.
It's fun and easy to judge a book by its cover, (much to the dismay of our grade-school teachers -- that we probably learned to ignore by judging them by their covers, which were usually old and wrinkly,) which is why we got the amazing local art-smith of to design the art that will be printed on the jacket that will hold the record that will have pressed into it the 13 new Animal Nation songs that will ultimately be our new album, entitled "Understanding More About Nothing Than Anybody Ever Thought Impossible or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Music".
In the following interview I didn't ask Taka why he left his home in Japan for a life in Canada, and I didn't ask him how he finds learning English as a second language. Nor did I ask him about his thoughts on the recent economic downturn.
In fact, everything I asked him was pretty much really stupid.

Steige: If dragons were real, and they were burning down all the art supply stores in all the world, and you could only save two mediums to work with, what two mediums would you save? (ie - acrylic, and grape juice.)

Taka Sudo: That's cool!! Acrylic and Anesthesia Gun. I'd paint on dragons!

S: I notice you use newspaper bits in a lot of your art. Do you ever slip in hidden messages? I noticed an article about "never being too old to go back to school" on the album art you made for us. Are you trying to tell us something?

TS: I didn't even noticed "never being too old to go back to school" article. But that's nice article.Newspaper has lots kind of emotions in it. Good news, bad news, love, hate, bias, etc etc...That look so beautiful to me. So I like to use newspaper to make art.

S: What inspires you as an artist? What inspires you as a person?

TS: Glamorous people with amazing creativity from all over the world whom I've ever met. This is my inspiration. Animal Nation's music is of course so inspiring!! Can't wait your new CD!!!

S: Do you have any super powers?

TS: When I'm drunk.

S: Your images are pretty abstract and out there. Do you ever consume anything that might change the way you think to help you with the creative process?

TS: Coffee!

S: Maybe you're naturally quirky. Maybe taking drugs would turn you normal. I bet if you started doing enough smack you could get a business degree or become a doctor or something! Have you ever used the internet to trick babes into making out with you?

TS: No. I mean "not yet".

S: If you found out that your entire life, and everything you've ever known has all been a dream, would you want to wake up?

TS: Yeah I wake up! Real world is always much much more beautiful than dream, hallucination, religion or anything.

S: That's great.
Head over to to book Taka for a live arting at your Bar Mitzvah or 3rd wedding today!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Marley & Me - A Synopsys.

I hope whoever did this was a girl, because I just fell in love with them.


The NolteMex.

This is amazing! I guess Capital One was offering personalized credit cards, and someone managed to slip Nick Nolte's infamous mugshot pic through the screeners.
The bank quickly realized their mistake, and sent him a letter asking him to return the card in exchange for $50, and the ability to keep using his Capitol One account. I don't know if I'd be so quick to return it. $50?? I think the "WTF" face you'd get from anyone you showed it to would be worth $50.
Check out the full story HERE.

How do I get one of these?!