Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekly Interview - Shad K. - April 30, 2009

Shad rhymes with 'rad'.
'Rad' is short for 'radical', which originally meant 'an extreme shift in thinking, or change from accepted traditional forms.'
Forms are something you have to fill out when you're doing your taxes, or preparing a trip to somewhere like Indonesia.
Indonesia sounds like amnesia, which is a disease that makes you...
...makes you...
Sorry. I don't really know where I was going with that. I think I was trying to say that, unlike this intro, Shad totally doesn't suck.

Make sure to cruise on over to the Shad K Myspace Page to check out his tunes while you read his words.

Steige Turner: Would you rather have a million dollars, a million fans, or a million hepatitis C's?
Ps. If you choose the hep you also get a Flying Pony farm, and a Pirate Chest full of gold shillings!
Pps. The gold shillings can't be spent on a hepatitis cure, but! they can be spent on Pony-Rocket fuel, so while you're stuck living with the Pam-Anderson disease you can at least fly around on your ponies at ultra fast speeds...

Shadrach Kabango: As Kweli said "Gimme the fortune, keep the fame"... and he could have added hepatitis to that as well... I'll take the milly.

ST: Pirates or Ninjas? Why?

SK: Ninjas are the illest! I 'even know pirates were real until like 4 years ago... I thought they were made up in peter pan or something... plus I'm not a great swimmer.

ST: Which breakfast-cereal-spokesperson/mascot/animal/monster can you relate to most? Are there any breakfast cereals you eat strictly based on whoever's on the front of the box?

SK: No. I'm down with Cinnamon Toast Crunch since way back.

ST: CTC is the bomb! They don't even need a mascot to sell their amazingly-tasty-yet-incredibly-unhealthy breakfast cereal! Have you ever used the internet to trick babes into making out with you?

SK: No internet babes.

ST: I'm gonna pretend you said 'yes', and that it was all because of hip-hop. So besides being able to trick mega hot babes into making out with you, what's your favorite thing about hip hop? What's your least favorite thing about hip hop?

SK: Favourite thing: the vibe of communicating with people and having fun together through music... the vibe.
Least favourite thing: when a show or a song isn't about those things...

ST: If you add an E to the end of your name, you become kinda 'Shade'y... Is your name secretly a hidden message for kids to stay away from "the drug"?

SK: You'll have to ask my folks about that one since they named me.

ST: Fair enough. Do you think Prince Charles vibes out to your latest album 'The Old Prince'?

SK: Someone should put him up on it for sure. He'd be down.

ST: Yeah man. That guy's like, 75 years old, and still lives at home! Anything else you want to mention??

SK: 'What a Fool Believes' by the Doobie Brothers is the jam.

ST: I'm sorry, but I must disagree Mr. Kabango. I believe that this is the jam.

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