Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan. 15 - Weekly Artist Interview - The Red Fox

The Red FoxWe had the pleasure of working with The Red Fox on our last album, TimeZone. He did the chorus and the middle verse to the track 'History'. Basically, we made history together. Since then he's been busier than a worker-bee working double-overtime at the hive on his own instrumental album, releasing soon under the moniker 'Spent Balloons', a freshly-dropped concept album with a song for each of the seven sins, appropriately titled 'Seven Sins', as well as dealing with the in's and out's of working a lame job just to afford enough green to smoke away the fact that he works a lame job.
Hearing Red Fox for the first time can be slightly confusing. I remember likening his style to the Beach Boys' classic album 'Pet Sounds', in the sense that while his smooth delivery and soft voice may seem pleasing and upbeat at first, his lyrical content is usually something of the opposite. Like listening to the beautiful harmonies on 'Sloop John B', then actually listening to the words, "This is the worst trip I've ever been on." Red Fox smashes happy into sad, and pity into laughter. Never have I heard a pessimist rip on everything around them so pleasantly.
...And you know that anyone with a huge neck-tat of their stage name has got to be in it for the long-haul.
Here's what The Red Fox had to say about things, stuff.

Click HERE to bring up his Myspace in a separate window so you can listen to, and read, the Red Fox at the very same time. Whoa.

Steige: What 2 tapes are getting the most play in your Walkman right now?
Red Fox: MURS - Murs For President
GRANDPA-J ® & The Red Fox - Seven Sins

S: Why?
RF: Well I've been knocking the MURS album cause it's good and I was waiting for a long time to hear how his major label debut would come out. I just really like his honesty and what he's bringing to the table. Seven Sins I'm listening to because I'm a self-centered egotistical prick. Ok?

S: I would have assumed you're heavy into MURS for the same reason. What's the worst job you've done?
RF: Graveyard shift at a gas station in the hood. People would come up with all kinds of shit out there! Crack head prostitutes would offer me services for cigarettes, the police would straight beat up fools in front of my window, cats tried buying 50 cent bags of chips with fake $100 bills... All kinds of shit. I mean the bulletproof window had bullet holes in it! Me and my homies used to just hot box the inside and eat everything in the store like fuck it! I eventually got fired needless to say...

S: How do you relax?
RF: I don't.

S: Where does the name 'Red Fox' come from?
RF: Sanford & Sons. Duh!
You need to wash yo stankin' ass!

S: What is the worst thing anyone's said to you?
RF: The worst shit probably comes from within. Everything else I can deal with... But me? I'm a problem. I hate myself so good!

S: Do you prefer performing live, or recording songs in the studio?
RF: It's a different kind of thing. I can't really compare the two. I can say that performing live with the crowd screaming and everybody going nuts is probably the bigger high but it's so short lived. When you record a song it becomes a part of your life and that feeling stays with you forever. I used to prefer the studio hands down but once you take these little pieces of yourself onto a stage they take on a whole new life and become something else. I really just love all of this shit. It means everything to me.

S: Everyone really enjoyed the track you did with us for our TimeZone album, 'History', but it seems like you've progressed again in your latest work, the concept album 'Seven Sins'. What can we expect next from the Red Fox?
RF: We made history! Say it! Let's see, what am I working on right now...
The official release of my instrumental album Spent Balloons.
A concept project based completely on Harry Potter themes with producer The Tom Riddle Experiment. Seriously.
Another instrumental album using all Elliot Smith samples.
My sophomore masterpiece album The Red Scare which will rule the shit out of 2009. I really think people are gonna love this one. It should be major!

S: The Red Scare? I'm intrigued. Consider it pre-sold. Anything else you want to say?
RF: Yeah. Fuck the police. And thanks for putting me on your album and doing this interview. You guys are awesome and I love doing anything I can with y'all!

S: Thank you! We'll make sure to send you a copy of our new album, 'Understanding More About Nothing Than Anybody Ever Thought Impossible' as soon as it's done.
This one, unfortunately, doesn't feature Red Fox, but it does have a really really long title! Keep an eye out for it, as well as for Fox's new album, 'The Red Scare', coming in 2009.
Keep 'er easy.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BitchWaxCoverArt. Vol 2.

I took a look around and it turns out there are all sorts of horrible album covers out there! I feel so ignorant to the album cover brutality that occurs in the world!
Here's a few more albums to add to the "Groups that spent more time working on their music than the package that their music would be wrapped in" category.
That's like working on becoming a better person, when you could very well be spending that time at the gym bulking up.
Ladies love it when you can benchpress their personality.

The Three Musket-Tears - Songs for my Baby

"Hey Americaaa!! You like our record!? You sign us, yes?! We are use Tamborine men! Just like you like!"

Abba - Gracias Por La Musica

Okay, we get it. You're European and you sleep with each other's wifes, and wear their clothes, and grow your chest hair real long, but why do you have to look so damn happy doing it? Showoffs.

John Bult - Julie's Sixteenth Birthday

"Julie, I think it's about time you find out... your mom is actually your sister... and your mom."

Bob Thomas - 7 Places to Hang a Hat

I wonder how many photos they took before they told Bob to put down the guitar and ask his girlfriend if she'd get naked for $50.
"Seriously Bob. We've been doing this for years. We KNOW what sells records, and naked chicks awkwardly petting rabbits definitely sells records."

Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo - Moon Gas

I don't even need to hear this record to know that I'm in love with it. Dick Hyman?! Mary Mayo!? Moon Gas?!! I have a feeling that this record probably sounds like what jumping on the moon feels like. Which, I would imagine, probably feels like grape soda tastes after spending two weeks in the desert without water.
Yeah, this record sounds like dehydration acts when it's hungover off tequila and cheap hookers.
Moon Gas.


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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Googly Eye Project.

I found a packet of 50 googly eyes at a toy store the other day for $1.99 while I was on break at work. I bought them, and stuck them to everything I could see that could be turned into a face. I thought my co-workers would be angry at the fact that our work place was covered in creepy googly faces, but when I came in 2 days later, my co-worker Rob had ordered 1000 more of them through e-Bay.

"You really turn me on."

When Shelly and Sheldon found out that they were shelter they were both pretty shell shocked.

That looks eggcellent. Just yoking, it looks like it's definitely had better hollandaise.

That face isn't going to prevent me from accidentally squeezing half your contents down the sink drain.

Aw, they think they're people!


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