Monday, September 28, 2009

Peak Season! October 19th premiere!


There's a new MTV show revolving around the action and drama of 6 local "Whistlerites".. (someone that's lived in Whistler, BC, Canada for more than 3 days).. which will be airing on Oct. 19 on MTV Canada, as well as on
This show features lots of our friends, as well as music by Animal Nation, AS WELL AS a few guest appearances by Animal Nation, including parts of our performance from the 2009 World Ski and Snowboard Festival!

I also voiced the trailer, as can be seen here!

Make sure to check out all the excitement at the official Peak Season web site.

The show features plenty of super cute Whistler girls, and also features our good friend Dre Morel, who we interviewed a few months ago, and who MTV interviewed recently as well!

Pictured: Super Cute Whistler Girls!

From left to right:

Lauren Horton: The Wild Card - Lauren will punch you in the face, steal your boyfriend, and make you wish you were her, all at the same time.
Elle Hetherington: The Transplant- Elle is the typical Australia/Whistlerite that... well... I don't know Elle personally, but most Australian girls are sluts.
Steph Just: The Shredder / The Local - Born and bred Steph Just will do just about anything to get the gold, and go home with the prize money. Amazing rider, and even better humam being. Also good at getting in cat fights.
Amanda Scheller: Self described as "........" - I don't really know anything about Amanda. I've never met her. She used to go out with our friend Dre, but now she goes out with some dude with a pony tail...