Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Albums of Influence - Eminem's "The Slim Shady LP"

This record was the reason my first two solo albums had "LP" attached to the backs of their titles. In fact, this record was the reason that I had two solo LPs in the first place.

This could very well be the most influential album (for me) that I've ever come upon.

Before hearing this album I'd had the Biggies, and the Naughty by Natures, but I'd also had the President's of the United States of Americas, and the Empire Records' soundtracks.
I'd always liked hip-hop, but it wasn't until I heard some nasally-voiced punk rapping about giving a girl too many mushrooms that it became the only genre of music I was interested in.
After hearing Eminem rap, I can honestly say I didn't listen to any other kind of music for a solid 4 years.

This album definitely wasn't as good as his follow-up, "The Marshall Mathers LP", but this one came first, shocked more, and packed one hell of an unsuspecting punch.

You can find this album for free on google. I can't tell you how or the RIAA will take down my site again, but it's there....

Other great Eminem albums include: The Marshall Mathers LP (!!), and The Eminem Show (sort of).