Monday, January 26, 2009

BitchWaxCoverArt. Vol 3.

Bad album covers are kinda like the people you don't really know at family reunions. They're all overdressed, and usually filled with things you don't care to hear about, but every now and then you come across a gem. Like finding a cute second cousin that's been slamming rum and cokes all day, here are a few album covers that I'd love to get inside of.
Wait, what?

Tubby Boots - Goes Topless

"For the mature minded adult" that goes to see Tubby Boots get topless.
I still can't figure out if the best thing about this photo is the angry monkey on his (her?) purple pants, the pancake-sized-nipple-tassels, or the fact that the signature is worn out in a way that means this album was probably looked at more than once.
I guess the gladiator hat and the micro-bacteria-patterned window curtains are pretty rad too.

Stryken - First Strike

"Seriously guys. Mini skirts are in. Knee pads are in. And downhill mountain bike armor is going to make a come-back like nobody's business!"

Swamp Dogg - Rat On

"Yo Swamp Dogg, I heard you got an album coming out! Right on!"
"Yeahhhh man! Rat on, rat on, rat on!"

Birthcontrol - Believe in the Pill

Aw man! Who threw out a pair of perfectly good shades! And there's like, half an egg-salad-sandwich in there! C'mon guys!

Eulenspygel - 2

What kind of music could this amazing record sleeve possibly hold inside?
I'm either gonna have to go with some sort of Euro death metal, or 'Calming Sounds of the Sea'.


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