Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Albums of Influence - DJ Shadow's "Endtroducing....."

This was the first record to be made entirely of samples of other albums, TV shows, interviews, radio snippets, and various other things pre-recorded.

This record is such a huge influence in that there's 0% "new" music on the album, and yet it's so different from the original songs that were sampled, and it still sounds so SO good. So so good in fact, that Time Magazine named the album one of the best 100 albums OF ALL TIME.

In 1996, back when most hip-hop beats were little more than 3 minute loops (a lot has changed) this album blew everything else out of the water. Shadow's beats had dynamic and spectrum. They evolved. Basically, this album, in which 10 of 12 tracks are lyric free, is still way better than 99% of albums that were instrumentals WITH lyrics.

Take that you lazy one-loop producers.

Download the entire alum for free on google. It's easy. In fact, you can download any album for free. Just google "download __________ free", and it's yours.
I had to take down the free link I had because the RIAA sent me another complaint, but google has links to every album ever.

Other great Shadow releases include "The Private Press".


  1. please dont mislead your blog-ees. typing download ______ free is mmore often than not a very bad idea. the word free and download are always conected to spam virus's. heres a trick. ok say you want this unbelievable godlike triphop album.

    go to google. type in
    endtroducing site:mediafire.com
    or endtroducing site:megaupload.com

    google blogs works too. thats how i stumbled upon this blog. much love. good vibes. peace out.


  2. thanks a lot!
    I usually do the site:mediafire.com thing, but some albums aren't on mediafire, so I'll occasionally use filestube... i'll try the megaupload too!

  3. If you think the album is so great, why not buy it?

    1. I did buy it!
      After I listened to it a bunch.