Saturday, April 20, 2013

Animal Nation & Sly Business - Don't Grow Up To Be Like Us [Album Release]

Animal Nation loves Sly Business and Sly Business loves Animal Nation.
After spending the last 3 years touring and drinking and singing and laughing and partying together it seemed inevitable that the two bands would join forces and make an album together as well.
The idea for the album came about in a High school parking lot in Invermere, BC. Both bands were elegantly wasted and shooting bottle-rockets and Roman Candles at each other while waiting for that night's venue to open up for sound-check. High school was just getting out and a small group of kids timidly strolled towards the two bands.
What the kids stumbled upon was a drunken, dusty, freestyling, mudfooted mess that looked equal parts horrifying and one-hell-of-a-good-time. "Where'd you guys get those fireworks?" they asked.
The kids ended up leaving, arms full with stickers, CDs, condoms, pins, and whatever other merch the bands could dig up, and, of course, fireworks.
Never one to miss an opportunity to light underage people on fire, the bands shot their remaining explosives at the departing group, laughing maniacally and screaming after the kids as they ran off away from a barrage of bottle-rockets and Roman Candles, "Hey kids... Don't grow up to be like us!"

Download the album for free, above, before it costs money.

-Animal Nation

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