Monday, June 15, 2009

Blair Richmond, an interview with.

We spent all of our yesterday at the Zoo, and at the downtown Vancouver, filming more footage for our upcoming music video Party Animals! The little video on the left was our first day shooting, so it doesn't include any Zoo shots, but I promise! There will be lions, and camel toes, and bears! Oh my!
...And I made out with a giraffe!
Oh yeah... This interview was conducted with our good friend Blair Richmond, who, coincidentally, also shot our music video!

Steige: I don't know why, but 2009 seems to be a pretty bad year for everyone I know so far. How's it been treating you? What's the worst 2009 experience you've had so far?

Blair: Ahhh 2009, they'll be calling it "The year the economy struck back". I think that would be a pretty epic disaster film, except instead of having volcanoes, hurricanes, and floods there's super low interest rates, failing banks and extremely cheap houses in Florida. I guess for me it hasn't been too bad, a couple pretty crappy things have happened. One of the worst probably being a blessing in disguise. My sister and I had a few guys living in our place earlier this year and they signed a 6 month lease, then about 3 months in they told us they couldn't afford to live there any more and they needed to head back to Quebec so they broke the lease. We were pretty pissed off and couldn't find people to rent it for 2 months, so I ended up moving in to the place and now I have to commute for an hour every day. It's not that bad though.

S: What sort of Party Animal would you consider yourself?

B: I would probably be a badger.

S: Without spending more than 20 seconds thinking about it, what's been the best thing that's ever happened in your life, ever.

B: Learning how to walk, life would be very difficult if I never learned that skill.

S: Alright. You've gotta fight one, fuck one, and marry one. Who's getting a fist in the face...?
a) Britney, Lindsay, Paris.

Fight: Paris, a pretty even match up Fuck: Lindsay, but I would definitely need a fez Marry: Britney, cause I don't think I'd have to work ever again

b) Your Mom's semi-hot cougar friend that always flirts with your when she's wasted, your 5th grade crush, the cute girl that lives next door.

Fight: Cute girl next door, once again, 5'6" 120lbs...pretty even match Fuck: The cougar, it would just be a great story Marry: 5th grade crush, I had good taste back then

c) Your girlfriend, your best friend, yourself.

Myself, I would totally kick my own ass Fuck: Girlfriend, I just don't really want to fuck myself Marry: Best friend, best to marry your best friend, hopefully my best friend will be a girl by then

S: Celebrity Death Match. Your choice. Who fights, and who wins?

B: Jack Nicholson vs. Robin Williams, I'm fairly sure Jackie boy would destroy Ms. Doubtfire.

S: What are you (were you) doing today at 4pm sharp?

B: Well I'm gonna have to talk about yesterday since its still only 10:00am today, I was helping a classmate shoot their demo reel at Coal harbour in Vancouver.

S: When was the last time you got blackout drunk? Where were you, and what were you doing when you came to?

B: That would probably have to be two nights ago, I was at a bush party on a lake, you were there too. I believe there was a lot of dancing to electro, people falling into the lake and myself jumping into a bush that had a very large protruding branch that went into my shin. I usually don't come to until the next morning. This time I woke up sleeping in the back seat of my car with my legs hanging out the door.

S: Imagine you find out that everything you've ever known, your entire life as you know it, has all been but a dream. Would you want to wake up if you didn't know what was on the other side, and if you knew you couldn't come back here?

B: Wow. Good question. I think I would probably want to stay in the dream considering I would lose all my friends and loved ones. Even though the dream life is a lie, the truth is just a matter of perspective.

S: You know what's amazing? Garfield is amazing. If only for the fact that the writers have been able to base 31 years worth of jokes on a cat that eats too much lasagna.
If you had to base your entire career on something as simple as a household tabby, what would you use as the infrastructure for your life's work?

B: Hey man, lasagna is amazing! There should be even more cartoons based on talking pets who love lasagna. The world would be such a better place. I think I would have to base it on a lumbering bear determined to steal a bee hive full of honey, there would be comical situations where the bear would devise some crazy scheme to get the honey out of the tree then just before he gets it something happens to just barely stop him from attaining the hive. Kinda like the coyote trying to capture the roadrunner.

S: Anything else you want to mention??

B: Yeah, everyone should check out the video we're putting out for you guys soon!!! It'll definitely be on Youtube, Facebook, etc. Also, the Van Arts Visual Effects students will have a Showreel night at the beginning of September where we show off our work. Please tell people and come see everything! We need jobs!

S: And I need to find a job that pays me to do nothing! Anybody know of any DJ gigs I can get in on?

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