Monday, January 5, 2009

Animal Nation Doesn't Know Anything.

At all.
Unlike Clarissa, who can apparently explain everything. Except for why she was such a tease. Sam was clearly lusting after her, and she'd go as far as letting him climb up a ladder into her room in the middle of the night to sleep in her bed with her, and he still never managed to walk home with her panties.
"Look at me! I've incorporated handcuffs into my wardrobe, but have absolutely no intention of using them! My name has more syllables than your name does! I know everything!"

Gotta love those up-beat early 90's "Na na na-na na-na!"'s.
The only thing better than "Na na"'s is "Do doo"'s.
I wish I could say I was a part of this remix, but this goes way beyond my level of awesome.

This just made my week.


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