Monday, January 5, 2009

A Diamond Cutter Cutter Lasts Forever.

They say life is short, but I can't think of anything I've ever done that's been longer.

Sometimes I wonder why if you have 'too much' of something 'too' has two "o"'s, but when you have 'so much' stuff, 'so' still only uses one "o".
Maybe we should put two "o"'s on 'so'.
That would be soo cool.

I also don't really know why "I" is capitalized, while "me", "you", "her", "him", etc, aren't. Although "Him" is capitalized when talking about God, so maybe, probably, "I" am God.

If skin is cut by glass, and glass is cut by diamond, and diamond is cut by a series of grinders and diamond cutters, what cuts the diamond cutters into their proper shape? And why wouldn't they just use the diamond cutter cutter to cut everything? And more importantly, who cut the cheese? That stinks.

Did you know that "Cutting the Mustard" means 'achieving something great'. This saying came the fact that both the mustard seeds, and the mustard plants are incredibly hard to cut. Maybe they should have been using diamond cutter cutters.


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