Monday, January 5, 2009

Animal Nation Interview w/ DJ Dredi of London. (That's where the Queen lives!!)

Here's a quick interview that we did with DJ Dredi. He asked us questions about making music, and we gave him christmas gift suggestions and told him about our fascination with gasoline.
Read all sorts of other fancy interviews and other nifty notes by checking out Dredi's BLOG by clicking on the word in which I am currently talking about. (hint: The word is BLOG.)

Animal Nation, which is made up of Steige "Tall Man" Turner, and Mike "Armadillo Slim", respectively.

Location: Whistler, BC

Affiliates/Groups: DJDREDi, Mat The Alien, ali milner, Muddled, Nic & Jaq, Linus, Scamp, Hunchback Esquire, Milla, Invisible Think, DJ Millz, Samix, The Red Fox, and more.

Describe your music in 5 words: Steige: A-hippa-to-the-hoppa.Mike: With a touch of awesome.

When did you start making music?: Together, about 4 years ago. 2004. Separately, we've both been making music another 4 or 5 years on top of that.


Steige: The women! Whenever I was younger I always figured that if I
spent enough time in my basement learning how to write and rap and play
instruments, then one day I might impress some nice young lady, and she
might let me give her a kiss, and then we might get married, and then
we'd live happily ever after! I always figured that seemed easier than
learning to socialize.
Mike: I always wrote poetry as a
kid and have had a passion for hip hop since as far back as I can
remember. I cant remember yesterday so thats not saying much but you
get the point. I wanted to put my lyrics over a style of beats that I
like so I learned to produce and havent looked back ever since. Trying
to live off this shit now.

So what are you currently doing?:
Steige: We're currently recording tracks for our upcoming album,
'Understanding More About Nothing Than Anybody Ever Thought Impossible,
or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Music.' We figure that
regardless how bad it comes out we can at least try to milk some
publicity out of the preposterously long name.
Mike: Filling out this questionnaire you big silly!

Any shows coming up?:
We just got back from a 13 city tour with the ultra amazing 'Jiminy',
across western Canada! And tomorrow we're heading out for 4 shows in
the next 4 days in: Vancouver, 2 nights in Washington, and then back up
to Whistler. Then at the end of the month we're going out to New York
for a party! That should be fun.

Tell us something we didn't already know about you?: Steige: I thoroughly enjoy the smell of gasoline.Mike: Mike hates it when people talk in third person.

Anything else the world should know?: Mike: A severed leg makes for a wonderful stocking stuffer.

You can download our latest release, the TimeZone [EP], for free, for FREEEE!!!!! by going to our MySpace page.
Get there quick before we're forced to axe your legs off!
Oh my!!

Word up to Dredi for conducting this Question Rhyme.

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